26x36 cm 24K Gold Grill Pan

26x36 cm 24K Gold Grill Pan

Real 24K Gold Plating 

High thickness aluminum die-cast body. Anti-scratch, PFOA-free quartz non-stick armor, 120 microns thick, three times stronger than competitors. Energy Saving Technology. 24K gold-plated steel handles that sparkle with the highest quality and appeal.

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1) Lifetime Warranty. Die-cast aluminum body designed for ideal cooking with less energy. Uses food-grade alloy and recycled aluminum to protect the environment.

A) Our die casting creates rigid, crushproof products: the original shape created in the mold as the metal changes from liquid to solid is retained forever. This is in contrast to cookware made by cold molding, which obtains its shape by deforming the sheet metal; these, when subjected to heat, tend to deform and revert to their original shape. This method is also prone to deformation with small impacts and compromises stability: bubbling on stoves and imperfect adhesion on cooktops, reduced energy absorption on electric, glass-ceramic and induction cookware.

B) Differentiated products and thicknesses: 3 mm for the walls and up to 10 mm for the bottom. The hard bottom and thick top are ideal for maximum energy absorption and uniform heat storage that is maintained for a long time at low to medium temperatures, without dispersion and with minimal flame: ENERGY SAVING. Heat is transferred evenly to the food, which is ideal for all cooking, avoiding scorching and very important for maintaining the characteristics of the nonstick coating, which above the temperature of 260° C begins to degrade. The edge has a high thickness that is resistant to deformation from accidental impacts or heat.

2) Energy-saving technology using a 1 cm induction lower heating chamber that allows cooking for up to 15 minutes after the fire is extinguished.

3) Lifetime WARRANTY safety handle plated with real 24K Gold, is a solid microcast stainless steel handle with unique design. It is indestructible, ergonomic and athermic. It is inextricably locked to the pan/pan body with an anti-blocking system. Internal rivets (dirt nests) exclude precarious welds upon detachment.

4) INDUCTION WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY. It is obtained from a stainless steel magnetic disk by braze welding, is unassailable and indestructible.

5) Coatings: super-strong 4-layer armor with lifetime warranty, 120 micron thick inner coating composed as follows: (a) 1st layer with peaks and valleys of high roughness composed of QUARTZ CRYSTALS of very high hardness, anti-scratch, that is anchored to the aluminum body with shark's tooth conformed surface. (b) 3 layers of nonstick coating applied in succession with RUVID surface to optimize coating strength and improve food cooking; the coating is sprayed and indelibly incorporated at very high temperature into the deep, hard and impenetrable ripples of the first layer, making it inaccessible even to metal utensils while maintaining its nonstick characteristics. It is a high-quality PFOA- and PFOS-free nonstick coating that complies with health and hygiene regulations.

Data sheet

Data sheet
26x36 cm
Finishing Materials
24K Gold Plating
4 cm
2.1 Kg